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Kaleidoscopes have the power to inspire the artistic eye to see life from a different angle.

In a similar way, ACDSee Professional 2022 empowers photographers after a while by giving them access to inspirational tools that can shape the world they share. Professional 2022 offers a variety of new tools such as a time -saving media mode for interacting with the ACDSee photo database; and People Mode, an AI engine that puts names on faces seamlessly. A new spectrum of vision awaits you with improved Professional 2022 pixel alignment, tone curves and sharper noise reduction instructions.

It becomes easier to put a name on the face

People Mode is new in ACDSee Professional 2022 and was born from a combination of ACDSee industry -leading features for powerful facial recognition and machine learning applications. Photographers from all walks of life will enjoy dedicated spaces to differentiate between clients, family members or interested people, allow the public to manage by merging, renaming or deleting faces, or taking label recommendations from AI Assistant to collect unnamed people who similar to her name.

Lightning speed filter

Media Mode is the ACDSee database -driven power to view and access folders that you have browsed in Manage mode or cataloged into the ACDSee database. This elegant and clear display of media assets managed by ACDSee offers sorting, aggregation and filtering in any combination.

Non -destructive construction tools

The surgical precision of the Pixel Targeting tool has been added to the development mode and includes the usual color wheel. Pixel alignment now works in the same way as the currently selected brush or gradient, which means each brush or gradient has its own pixel orientation. Use this highly effective selection method to achieve the perfect edge without hindering your creative efforts and discover new selection methods to create masks. The development mode exists for a single purpose allowing unlimited development of ideas through complex adjustments and effects without destroying the original image. Learn more about parametric photo manipulation.

Pixel alignment

– Channel selection

– Mixed Clone Tool

– Presets

– Colour wheel

– Separate tone wheel

– Skin colour

– Crop, rotate, straighten Rotate

Our RAW commitment

Our proven track record in promoting and utilizing new camera technologies and equipment has been the foundation of ACDSee software development. The latest version of Professional is no exception as we are expanding our list to include Go-Pro, Canon, Nikon, Panasonic, Pentax, Olympus, Samsung and Sony, among others.

Easier and faster uploads from phone to Photo Studio

If you want to know the secret, ACDSee Mobile Sync is not the easiest way to transfer photos and videos from iPhone to PC / Windows based computer. There, you are now in a circle. With ACDSeeMobile Sync, you can send photos and videos wirelessly and instantly directly to ACDSeePhoto Studio from your mobile device! Just scan the QR code on the screen with your phone for easy synchronization with your computer. Available on iPhone and Android, the ACDSeeMobile Sync app keeps trackphotos have been submitted, so you don’t have to do that.

Free from subscription

If you’re fixed and loaded with an Adobe subscription but think it’s going to be a big deal to change when it comes to cameras, rest assured, migrating from Photoshop and Lightroom to ACDSee Photo Studio is easy. Unlike Adobe products, ACDSee Photo Studio requires that you not import photo collections carefully. Just install ACDSee on your hard drive and tap your photos without juggling or batching, just install and create awesomeness.

System Requirements:

– Microsoft Windows 7 (SP1), Windows 8, Windows, Windows 10 (64-bit version only)

– Microsoft Internet Explorer 9+

– Microsoft DirectX 10 or higher

– Windows media player

– Microsoft Office 2010 or later

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