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A modern musical film with a bold impression of the classic saga. Our ambitious heroine has big dreams and with the help of her amazing stepmother continues to fulfill them.

Before becoming Cruella de Vil, a teenage Estella has a dream. She wants to become a fashion designer after being endowed with equal talent, innovation and ambitions. But life seems to be intended to ensure that your dreams never come true. After running out of money and being robbed in London at 12, ten years later, Estella is running rampant through the streets of the city with her best friends and (minor) crime partners, Horace and Jasper, both amateur thieves. However, when a random encounter takes Estella into the rich and famous young world, she begins to question the existence she has built for herself in London and wonders if she really would is supposed to get more. When a future rock star gives Estella the task of designing a landmark piece, she begins to feel that she has truly arrived. But how much does it cost to keep up with the public quickly – and is it a price that Estella is willing to pay? Katie

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